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Dubai Police launches 'Stay Safe' video game to raise awareness against COVID-19

he General Department of Artificial Intelligence, AI, at Dubai Police has launched a new video game entitled "Stay Safe", to raise awareness on COVID-19 and it modes of transition, highlighting important safety tips such as wearing gloves and masks.

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, the General Director of AI at Dubai Police, said that Dubai Police developed "Stay Safe" video game as it prioritises and emphases on the importance of raising public knowledge during such events. "In addition, the use of video games in education is a very promising step," he noted, adding that the game can reach to a large segment of the community regardless of their age or ethnicity, as almost everyone now uses a smart phone.

Brig Al Razooqi said that video games provide replay value where the players have the ability to test other possible outcomes.

Colonel Hussain Bin Ghalaita, Deputy Director of AI at Dubai Police, added that the game was fully developed internally by the Virtual Technology Centre, and supports five different languages (Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Filipino).

He added that Dubai Police had previously explored educational games and their effects on the society with Dubai Drift and Turbo League and a few more which have been downloaded over 33 million times via the Apple store and Google Play.

The game can be played online via the following link:

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Barry Schwind
Barry Schwind
Jun 06, 2020

Great initiative from Dubai Police.


Ahmad Selaiteen
Jun 06, 2020

Great initiative mr khalid 👌

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